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Welcome to Jersey Integrated Network

Jersey Integrated Network (JIN) is a group of providers in Northern New Jersey who formed a Clinically Integrated Network. JIN providers focus on quality care and optimal health outcomes. By working together, implementing policies and procedures, and using technologies to evaluate and refine protocols, JIN providers will deliver better care to the residents of New Jersey.

Benefits of JIN

  • Patients gain access to high quality, comprehensive health care services.
  • All members of a patient’s care team work together to control cost, improve quality, and achieve targets that are based on health outcomes rather than volume of services.
  • Care providers are able to identify and share best practices and receive financial incentives for achieving positive clinical outcomes and cost-control achievements.
  • Insurers benefit from working with providers that share their goals of enhanced quality and improved cost efficiency.



What is a Clinically Integrated Network?

A clinically integrated network is a clinically integrated legal entity, comprised of interdependent providers who collaborate with a common goal of delivering better patient care through quality and efficiency improvements. The clinically integrated network negotiates contracts on behalf of its participating providers. These contracts create financial incentives (“shared savings”) for those providers to meet and exceed defined quality and efficiency benchmarks. Clinically integrated networks achieve these aims through investing in IT infrastructure, coordinating care across settings and conditions, establishing and implementing “best practice” policies and procedures, and evaluating and refining clinical protocols. Participating physicians, while remaining in their private practice entities, collaborate on developing and utilizing each of these initiatives.

Why is CarePoint helping area physicians to build a clinically integrated network?

CarePoint Health is working together with area physicians to create the Jersey Integrated Network (JIN), a clinically integrated network that will clinically support providers in order to improve access to care, improve quality of care, and undertake population health initiatives, meanwhile allowing private practice physicians to remain autonomous. The objective of true clinical integration is to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, and if successful, participating physicians and other network providers will have the opportunity to be rewarded by payers for these improvements.

How is this different from a Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

A Medicare ACO (for example, “Pathways to Success”) is just one of the many types of population health driven payer models that a clinically integrated network may pursue. There are numerous ACO-like arrangements with payers (sometimes also described as “shared savings” models), but all share a common feature: these arrangements require a clinically integrated network in order for practitioners and facilities to participate.

Why now?

In light of health reform, payment pressures, and increasing demands on providers, CarePoint and area physicians identified the need for a collaborative way to work with payers. Building the capabilities to manage population health and coordinate care typically involves adding new care management and data sharing capabilities, which can take years (and considerable resources) to perfect. By being proactive and developing a clinically integrated structure, JIN providers are well positioned to participate in current and future opportunities to work effectively with engaged payers.

What are the key activities JIN performs?

  • Developing and implementing clinical integration guidelines and protocols
  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Designing and implementing population health initiatives, which includes patient outreach by our Care Management team
  • Aligning with additional providers
  • Managing IT infrastructure implementation and operations
  • Measuring performance and distributing incentive funds based on performance

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